Quality or Quantity – The Diet Debate

With a growing body of research in the area of diet and its impact on our bodies, we are getting closer to determining what we should eat for optimal health and weight. It is now known that calories matter but the source and quality of calories are equally important in promoting weight loss. The focus should be on eating high-quality foods in appropriately sized portions.

Consider quality, not just calories

“A calorie is NOT JUST a calorie”. Instead of simply focusing on calories, think about choosing high-quality, healthy foods, and cutting out low-quality foods. This is why successful weight loss programs, such as Medifast in Phoenix, AZ, let you eat six meals a day and they are all high-quality foods. This keeps hunger satiated (so you don’t reach for that packet of junk food) and your body nourished.

High-Quality Foods

High-quality foods include minimally processed foods such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains and healthy sources of protein. On the contrary, lower-quality foods include processed snacks, foods high in saturated and trans fats, sugar-sweetened beverages, foods made from refined flour and refined sugar and fried foods.

Researchers at the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health have shown that quality is extremely important in determining what we should eat to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Individual Differences

Yet there isn’t one “perfect” diet for everyone, due to individual differences in body composition and lifestyle. When you consult weight loss specialists at Medifast weight control clinics, they would first take into account your individual differences before designing a personalized weight loss program for you.

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Six Reasons Not to Let Weight Fluctuations Get You Down

It’s human nature to want to see instant results. You demonstrate perfect discipline by following a healthy diet and exercise plan for several days and then comes the moment of truth.  You step on the scale fully expecting the numbers to reflect your unwavering dedication.  Your heart sinks as you see that your weight has inexplicably gone up. 


How can this be?  Feeling defeated and upset, you vow to further restrict your calories and increase your exercise. Don’t be so quick to react!  Weight  fluctuations are common and can occur for a variety of legitimate reasons. Find out why fluctuations occur and why you shouldn’t allow shutterstock_513483379these temporary setbacks  to discourage you from your long term weight loss goals.


  1. You’ve eaten too much sodium:   Consuming heavily salted foods can cause fluid retention. This is especially true if you are slightly dehydrated, as the body holds on to extra fluid to allow for healthy rehydration. Eating whole, natural foods and less salt can reduce water retention.  Also, although it sounds counterintuitive, drinking more water can help flush excess fluid and sodium from your system, providing a more accurate reflection of your weight loss progress.


2. You haven’t rid your body of waste in a while:   A change in diet may cause constipation and the resulting inability to have regular bowel movements can reflect on the scale.  Be sure to eat a lot of fiber rich food, drink plenty of water, and exercise. This will help your bowels function more efficiently so that you’re eliminating regularly and not feeling bloated and discouraged.


3. You have PMS:  Hormonal changes can cause women to retain between two and eight pounds of water weight during the week before their monthly cycle.  Continue to stick with your weight loss and exercise plan during this time and you should see this excess water weight drop off a few days after menstruation begins. 


4. The time of day your weigh yourself is inconsistent:  A person can weigh five to seven pounds more at night than in the morning.  This is due to the consumption of food and liquid throughout the day that has not yet been fully digested or excreted.  The most accurate measurement of your weight is first thing in the morning after having used the restroom. Weighing yourself consistently at this time will help to avoid frustrating weight fluctuations.


5. You celebrated yesterday’s weight loss:  People like to be rewarded for their successes, so if you see a significant drop in weight one day, it may feel like an invitation to eat more and exercise less the next.  Of course this will only sabotage your long term efforts. Therefore stick to your plan and establish other rewards that won’t hinder your weight loss  progress.


6. Eating more carbs than usual: Carbohydrates, while a great source of energy in moderation, can cause additional water retention. Carbs are stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen and the body stores between three and four grams of water for every gram of glycogen.  This is why cutting carbs can result in a rapid display of weight loss and reintroducing them can quickly increase water retention, presenting as weight gain. 


Understanding the reasons behind weight fluctuations can make the ups and downs of weight loss less discouraging. Avoid the emotional rollercoaster of inevitable fluctuations by weighing yourself only one time per week at the same time of day. 



Medifast Weight Control Centers have a team of expert and caring professionals who can provide the necessary support and education to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Please call (602) 996-9669 today for your complimentary consultation.

Sugar – Avatars Hidden in Plain Sight!

Sugar – the number one ingredient that can lead to a variety of health problems. In addition, it’s addictive. Sugar is also a common food additive that we all need to consume less.


Unfortunately, this sugar is not always obvious in the foods you are consuming. It is often hidden under different names and forms in different food and drinks. In fact, we even consider some of these foods as healthy.


It’s important to know other sneaky names manufacturers are using for sugar. Here are some other names of sugar on food labels.


  • Anhydrous dextrose
  • Brown sugar
  • Cane Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Corn syrup solids
  • Crystal dextrose
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Fructose sweetener
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Glucose solids
  • High-fructose corn syrup
  • Maltose
  • Maple syrup
  • Molasses
  • Organic raw sugar
  • Raw sugar
  • Refiner’s syrup
  • Sucrose
  • Treacle
  • Yellow sugar


a food labeled “sugar free” or “no added sugar,” does not necessarily mean that the food is low calorie or carbohydrate free. To know the exact ingredients of a packaged food, the best source is the nutrition facts panel on a food label which lists all ingredients and their quantities in detail.


To learn more about weight loss, call the leading weight loss clinics in Gilbert and Scottsdale AZ, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today! Medifast is clinically proven to provide safe weight loss. Developed by a doctor, it’s the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980.

Six Mistakes that Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

There is nothing more frustrating than believing you’re moving closer to your weight loss goal, only to step on the scale and see that you haven’t lost an ounce or worse yet that you’ve gained more weight!  You’re not alone. The great majority of people in the United States aren’t well informed of the pitfalls that prevent successful and sustainable weight loss.  Avoiding the following common weight loss blunders can put you on track toward achieving your ideal weight. 


  1. Eating the incorrect number of calories: Losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume, however eating too few calories can result in loss of muscle and a significant slowdown in metabolism.  A study done in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people were taking in substantially more calories than they reported, which resulted directly in weight gain.  When trying to lose weight, it’s important to accurately measure portions and include every food and beverage that passes your lips.


  1. Believing in a magic weight loss pill:   Let’s face the facts, if there were a magic pill, we wouldn’t have adult obesity rates of between 25% and 35% in 46 U.S. states. The only effective way to sustain long term weight loss is to make a lifestyle change, which includes decreasing caloric intake and increasing physical activity. 


  1. Not drinking enough water:  Getting in the habit of drinking water is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.  Not only does water help to burn more calories, but it also decreases appetite.  Try drinking a full glass of water before each meal or snack. 


  1. Getting less than seven hours of sleep per night: Getting too little sleep has been shown to slow down metabolism and affect the production of hunger controlling hormones. Therefore, less sleep increases  hunger resulting in consuming more calories that are burned at a slower rate.  


  1. Completely cutting out carbs:  Cutting out carbs may initially reduce calorie intake, but it can also leave you feeling deprived of energy, leading to missed workouts and grabbing sugary snacks for a quick energy boost. In moderation, carbs help to keep your energy level stable and your appetite satiated so that you stay away from the wrong foods.

  1. Letting marketing labels lead your grocery shopping decisions:  You may presume that items labeled low-fat, sugar free, or non-fat are automatically going to boost your weight loss. Don’t be fooled by these marketing driven labels. Many of them are unregulated and can be misleading.  Read nutritional labels to be sure you know what you’re eating.

Avoiding these simple mistakes can seriously boost your weight loss efforts, but there are many more tricks of the trade that the experts at Medifast Weight Control Centers can share with you.

Call today for your complimentary consultation to find out how Medifast’s compassionate professionals can help you achieve your weight loss goal.



3 Reasons Most Diets Fail!

Most people regain the weight the weight they lose on a diet. What is worse is the weight lost is actually muscle and fat but weight regained is all fat, often with a slower metabolism. You must have heard someone overweight telling you they don’t eat that much. They may not be lying. Back and forth dieting has ruined their metabolism.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is not eating too little but EATING RIGHT.

Here are the three biggest reasons most diets fail and what can help you succeed.

Using Willpower

That may have surprised you but yes. Diets or eating less will trigger hunger because you are telling your body and mind that you are starving. Diets make you crave for more food and your metabolism slows down to conserve whatever little you have eaten.

This is why leading weight loss programs, such as Medifast in Arizona, allow you to eat as many as six meals a day. What matters is what you eat. The Medifast meals are balanced, fortified with essential nutrients and designed to help you lose weight while still feeling full and without compromising on metabolism.

Calorie Focus

Surprised again? Counting calories will not help. Instead of simply counting the number, you should watch where your calories are coming from.

It is important to focus on very low-glycemic foods as diet staples. Such foods include nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, grass fed meats, greens etc.

No Routine

Dieting in a random manner will do you more harm than good. This is why Medifast meals are carefully planned, keeping in mind your specific weight goal and current weight and other factors. You eat 5+1 meals every day. Your progress is monitored by weight loss specialists and nutritionists who ensure you succeed.

To learn more about weight loss programs in Chandler AZ, call the leading weight loss clinics in Chandler and Phoenix, Medifast at 602-996-9669 Today!

Five Ways to Keep the Holidays Healthy this Year


The holidays provide a much needed break from the day-to-day routine. They are a time to put aside the daily grind and share quality time with those people we value most in our lives.

However, many of us traditionally equate this time with overindulgence in food and drink and the perfect excuse to be the very vegetables we choose not to eat.  While this may at first seem like a fun way to spend the next month, the pleasure quickly fades as January rolls around and we struggle to button our favorite pair of jeans.

The good news is that by making just a few small changes, you can still embrace the festivity of the holidays without having to loosen your belt.


  • Don’t bank your calories:  You have a big dinner party to go to, so if you just skip breakfast and lunch you can eat three times as much for dinner, right?  No, absolutely not! This common misconception will backfire causing you to pack on the extra pounds.  By depriving yourself throughout the day, you slow down your metabolism so that when you finally do eat, the calories are burned at a much slower rate.  Being in deprivation mode also triggers overeating, so not only are you eating more calories but you’re burning them at a slower rate.


  • Drink more water:   If you must, then indulge in one alcoholic or sugary drink, but then switch to water.  Water is a great appetite suppressant so the more of it that you consume, the less desire you’ll have to fill up on highly caloric foods.  Studies have also shown that water boosts the metabolism and cleanses your body of waste so you’ll eat less and burn more.


  • Complete your meal with coffee or green tea:  Rather than going back for seconds, complete your meal by sipping a cup of coffee or green tea. This will avoid any social awkwardness of being empty handed without adding unnecessary calories, and offers the bonus of boosting your metabolism.


  • Take advantage of the beautiful Arizona weather:  There are few places that are conducive to outdoor activity during the holidays, but we are fortunate to live in one of them.  Take advantage of the beautiful, sunny days and warm temperatures and make outdoor play part of your holiday tradition. Rather than lingering over appetizers before a meal or desserts after, take a group walk or play an outdoor game such as volleyball, corn hole, or ping pong.  You’ll feel better, have a great time, and avoid mindless calorie consumption.


  • Offer to help the host:  If you’re not hosting yourself, the party host will most certainly appreciate your offer to help with serving and cleanup.  This will not only keep you up and moving, but it will also be a helpful distraction from sitting and nibbling on the tempting spread of food and drinks.

Make the holidays this year a time of healthy choices so that you can enter the new year feeling renewed and energized, rather than remorseful and sluggish. Medifast Weight Control Centers has a team of compassionate and knowledgeable weight loss experts that you can rely upon to get you through the holiday season and come out ahead in the New Year.

Please call (602) 996-9669 and we’ll provide you with a complimentary consultation to explain how we can help.

Medifast Holiday Reward Program

We all know that the holidays can be a bit challenging when focusing on your weight loss. However, we at Medifast feel that it is the best time to be on a weight loss program. Just think, you can be shedding those pounds while everyone else is packing on the pounds and making “weight loss” their number one New Year’s Resolution. Remember, it is not called a “holimonth” it is a “holiday”, which means a few festive meals through the holiday season. 

We want to be your support through the holiday season and give you an added incentive to stick with your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle. After all, what better gift to give yourself, this holiday season, than the gift of good health! Be a part of our Holiday Rewards Program by following the guidelines below, during the weeks of December 5th through December 30th, and be eligible to win one of the following prizes from our drawing on January 2nd. 

To be eligible to win 

 You must weigh in each week at your center for the 4 weeks 

 You must show a weight loss or maintain, each week 

 You must purchase the prescribed amount of meal replacements 

By meeting all the guidelines of the contest, you will be entered into a drawing, each week, in your center and have the opportunity to win the following prize: 

A Gift Basket including: Medifast vitamins – Super Omega-3, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme and B-12!!! One week of free Medifast Meal Replacements, 1 box of Infusers, 2 Flavor of Home Meals and 3 Snacks!!! 

Call us today at (602) 996-9669 to get started!


4 Factors that make Medifast Weight Loss Programs Irresistible

If you are looking for a rapid weight loss plan that is safe and recommended by doctors, Medifast is the weight control program for you.


Read on to understand why the Medifast Weight Control Program is so effective and popular.


The Medifast Program – 5 and 1 Plan


The popular 5 and 1 plan consists of –


  • 5 meal replacements every day – This includes shakes, bars, soups, oatmeal, and puddings.
  • 1 ‘lean and green’ meal per day – a small portion of lean meat and up to 2 cups of salad or vegetables. This makes your daily diet easy to do.
  • You eat every 2-3 hours and must drink a minimum of 64oz of fluid (water) per day.


Managed Weight Loss


Medifast program can be carried out at a Medifast center, supervised by counselors and nutrition experts or you can order it directly online. However, it has been seen that a supported approach has a higher likelihood of success.


Fast Weight Loss


Weight loss is rapid and ranges from 2 to 5 pounds per week in the first two weeks to 1 to 2 pounds per week afterwards. The results may vary from one individual to another but factors like addition of moderate exercise and sufficient hydration will help you lose weight better.


Weight Loss Maintenance


Once you reach your desired weight, a maintenance plan helps you gradually transition to home cooked meals over a period of about 16 days. This phase ensures that you can maintain your desired weight easily and effortlessly.


If you are looking for the best weight loss programs in AZ, consult the top weight loss doctors in Phoenix, AZ at Medifast; call 602-996-9669 TODAY.

New Study Quantifies the Monetary Costs of Being Overweight

If improved health, increased energy, and fitting into your ideal clothing size weren’t enough motivation to lose weight, how about increasing the size of your bank account? Over 70 percent of adults in the United States meet the criteria for being either overweight or obese, which results in medical costs of up to $210 billion per year.  This proves that being overweight is not only a detriment to one’s physical and mental well being, but also to their wallet.

A study just released on September 26th, 2017 in the journal Obesity, shows that losing weight at any age can result in significant cost savings.  The study, conducted by five researchers from the Global Obesity Prevention Center at John Hopkins University, developed a computational model that simulates the economic effects on a person at various ages and weights.

The higher a person’s BMI, the more likely they are to have medical complications and therefore higher associated costs.  Therefore, it would stand to reason that the study showed greater money savings when a person’s weight dropped from the obese to normal weight category than from the obese to overweight category. 

The two major contributing factors to financial loss are medical costs and productivity loss.  Medical costs include hospitalizations, medications, surgical procedures, etc.  Productivity costs are comprised of salary loss from medical disability, missed days of work for doctor appointments or hospital stays, and loss of income due to an untimely death. 

The study identified a lifetime savings of over $36,000 for 50 year olds who went from obese to normal weight. By comparison, there was a savings of $20,000 for 20 year olds and $16,880 for 80 year olds who had proportionately similar changes to their weight. The study found that even if a person didn’t reach a normal weight for their height and age, simply losing enough to move from the obese category to the overweight category would save them as much as $18,600.

In almost every calculation of the study, productivity loss accounted for at least 50% of the cost of being overweight.  In some cases, productivity loss accounted for as much as two-thirds of the overall cost. Keep in mind that the study used median salary ranges from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, therefore a person with higher than average earnings would have proportionately higher savings over the dollar figures reported in the study.

There has been a long standing focus on the less quantitative, intangible costs of being overweight, such as lower self confidence, depletion of energy, and being unable to wear certain clothing.  Now, however we have quantifiable evidence of the monetary costs of being overweight.

Whether you’re motivated by the less tangible benefits of losing weight or the tangible benefit of saving money by avoiding the associated medical and productivity costs, the caring experts at Medifast Weight Control Centers want to help you succeed. 

Get started today by calling for your complimentary consultation today!